Fiber Products

Our Polyester Staple Fibers include:


Virgin & Recycled Staple Fibers:

  • 0.7 denier to 40 deniers

  • White, green, brown, black colors

  • Conjugated, spiral or mechanical crimp styles

  • Solid or hollow core design

  • Dry or Siliconized finish

Low Melt Fibers:

  • 2 denier to 15 deniers

  • White, Black, and Dyed to Match

  • 110’c to 180’c


Specialty fibers also available, including:

  • Fire Resistant Polyesters

  • Water & Oil Repellent Polyesters

  • Crystalline Low Melt

  • Olefin Low Melt

  • Polypropylene Fiber

  • Virgin Cotton Comber

  • Flame Retardant Rayon

Bernet International Trading is committed to a “Green” footprint and implemented a Recycled fiber program. As buyers of post industrial/consumer waste streams, we greatly reduce scrap disposal and keep waste out of landfills. Every pound is then machined/re-opened into usable fiber commonly referred to as “shoddy.” Bernet International Trading carries numerous recycled grades that meet our customer’s needs. Product range includes:

  • Natural fiber to 100% synthetic

  • White, gray and mixed color grades

  • Low melt blends for thermal bonding

Fiber Division
Fiber Division